Website Design

Custom website design is our business. Our custom website design services mean that you will get a unique website design for your business. When you contact us, a project manager will be assigned to answer any questions you may have.  A questionnaire is then emailed to you for you to complete. Once you have completed the questionnaire and emailed back to our website project manager, a detailed proposal will be created for your website protect. Once you approved the website design proposal, we will then request a deposit to start the project and payment is made at each project milestone achieved.

For your website design, we do not use any template designs to start with as we believe in providing quality services and results. Starting with a template website design mean there are other businesses with the same website design and layout as your website. Now think ahead and imagine your have built a successful business with a strong brand. And why wouldn’t you? Isn’t that why you started a business in the first place? Would you be happy knowing that your website is not unique? Most likely not so you will then have to spend more money to create another website, then time with a unique website design. By then you would have spent 50% to 100% more than what it would have originally cost to start with a unique website design in the first place.

Furthermore, our website designs are not only user-friendly, it is also search engine friendly, ensuring when Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other search engine visit your website, they will be able to navigate to all pages of your website, understand what your website is about and placed you into their index for keywords relating to your business.
Once your website design project is completed, you will need to host your website, setup your business email and engage in a search engine optimisation service to achieve first page ranking for keywords relating to your website.

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