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Fire Alarm Systems Services, Installation, Testing and Maintenance

Our goal is to design fire alarm systems that meet all specifications. One that is going to safeguard your organization reliably. We offer solutions that will give you the peace of mind and freedom required to stay focused on your business goals.

Whether you want a conventional fire alarm system, wireless addressable radio system, computer analogue addressable system or an upgrade to an existing system, our installation engineers and designers can meet your demands.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

A conventional fire alarm uses fire detection zones (which is wired to the control panel). Each of these zones will identify an area of the building so as to determine were a fire incident (if any) is located. Each zone consists of various devices, including manual call points, automatic smoke/heat detectors, sounders and strobes. Should a fire be detected manually or automatically, the system’s control panel will activate the alarm.

Fully Programmable Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable alarm systems are by far more advanced than conventional fire alarm systems. They offer a broader scope of programming flexibility, as each device has its own address and specific location. In the event of a fire the alarm relays can help control a range of building functions including:

– Turning fans on or off

– Closing and opening doors

– Launching fire suppression systems

– Putting off industrial equipment

– Recalling company elevators to a safe floor for exit

– Activating a second fire alarm communicator or panel

Radio or Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

fire alarm Radio or wireless alarm systems operate in a similar level with addressable systems but without need for cables. The devices use only radio signals pass information between control panels with every device having its own address and specific location. Radio systems require simpler installation when compared to addressable systems requiring just limited cabling. They can also be programmed off site which reduces labour time on site. Lack of cables means minimal damage to the building.

Fire Alarm Testing and Maintenance

If a fire alarm system isn’t tested, it isn’t reliable. You might be putting your organization and employees at risk if your system isn’t tested at least once yearly. Our certified technicians are fully trained to test and carryout inspections on your fire alarm systems as recommended by the NFPA standards. Your fire alarm system will be able to function properly.